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Roll Puzzle Ball
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Roll Puzzle Ball - another roll the ball slide puzzle for android

ROLL PUZZLE BALL is an immersive and easy to play roll the ball slide puzzle experience where you need to connect the start point of the puzzle to the end. The way you do that is by moving the pieces one at a time and clearing the ones you don’t need as you complete the puzzle. What makes ROLL the BALL unique is the fact that it’s a pleasure to play and it constantly brings in stellar and powerful features that you will enjoy.

Each one of the levels is different and you will find the gameplay to be immersive and interesting at the same time. while the game concept is easy to understand, since it’s a sliding game, this is mostly a slide puzzle where you have to slide pieces and eventually win. The gameplay is very interesting and exciting to get through, not to mention you have a different ball maze every time.

The levels are created manually, and each one of them has a very distinctive solution. You can replay every level for as many times as you want until you want. And since it’s a ball rolling game, you will only win if the ball rolls towards the end and reaches the finish line. It’s very consistent, fun but also creative and designed to offer you a lot of exciting gameplay moments. That’s what you will like the most in this addictive puzzle, the resilience and the fact that there are always a variety of solutions for every puzzle.

If you feel stuck, the game does have its fair share of hints. You can accumulate new tips as you complete levels, although they will max out at 3. That’s great, because you get a lot of help when you end up not understanding how you can complete the process. It works really well and you will find it very enjoyable and interesting every time.

In roll the ball game, every game is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s what makes roll the ball so good, the fact that it constantly encourages you to test your capabilities and push them towards that next level. Of course there are lots of challenges that arise, but with this game every new level is more enticing and it will test the way you think and how you can push the rolling ball towards the end.

As a whole, the game is very intricate and it comes with a long range of interesting game mechanics. We like the fact that it’s a roll the ball sliding game and a puzzle at the same time. But it’s creative, and since it has manually created levels, it’s always bringing in a solution for you to check out. It can be difficult at times, but there’s always a helping hand in the form of tips. ROLL the ball is great for casual gamers as well as people that want a challenge from their puzzle games. It’s definitely a tricky title, but you will like it quite a bit!

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